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Grow Your Business With Fidelio Cloud ERP

Grow your small to medium-sized manufacturing or wholesale business with cloud-based ERP software crafted to help you achieve new milestones.

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Streamline Your Operations and Connect Your Data with Power and Simplicity: Explore Our Scalable All-in-One ERP Solution

Seamlessly connect your data and teams on one ERP platform that scales with your business. Experience the perfect fusion of power and simplicity with our cutting-edge ERP software. Gain real-time access to reliable insights, leaving no room for blind spots.

We designed our platform for small and midsize businesses in manufacturing and distribution to help you succeed in today's competitive market. Embrace intuitive design for swift implementation and a rapid return on investment.

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Make Your Life Easier With An All-In-One Solution

Consolidate your business and lower your operating costs. To assist you, Fidelio has developed innovative, built-in functionalities for each of your departments and there are no add-ons.

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Enjoy A User-Friendly Interface For A Quick Return On Investment

Speed up your teams’ adoption of the ERP system. Give them a modern and intuitive user experience on their PC and their mobile. As an added plus, customize each user profile by job function to help make the adoption process easier.

“The learning curve was short and simple when we opened new branches.” - Mathieu Legris, VP of Sales and Marketing, Électrimat -

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Improve Your Agility

Select ERP software tailored to your needs: it's customizable and allows you to maintain control without sacrificing autonomy. Thanks to API connections, integrate your ERP with your entire ecosystem and easily automate your specific processes.

“Fidelio became a favourite due to its rich features and integration: it was a great value-add for my company.” - Denis Parent, President of Distribution Paral -

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Talk Right Now With Experts In Your Industry

Connect instantly with our team of qualified professionals who are attentive and ready to listen to your needs. With Fidelio, you get help from experts in your field and a responsive team. They can quickly assist with your questions and offer solutions that meet your needs.

“Fidelio has helped us structure our processes based on best practices in our industry.” -Gisèle Chouinard, Director of Finance and Administration -

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Here’s why small and midsize businesses like Fidelio

Learn how Fidelio helps small and midsize businesses take the digital turn.

Audrey Laurin

VP of Finance and Adminstration

La Petite Bretonne

Everything is easier and more intuitive with Fidelio. From data searching to analysis and verification. Preparing orders, managing our inventory and even managing our invoice buybacks.

Marie-France Grenier

Operations Director


With Fidelio, 55% of our sales are now completed on the Internet and we expect a regular increase in this number over the coming years.

Gabriel Jacques


Jacmar Automation

We got a return on investment in less than a year due largely to our supplier discount management. Thanks to Fidelio, we were able to double our claims as compared to last year when everything was done manually.

Isabelle Gauthier

Business Analyst

Coractive Inc.

Before Fidelio, our company had blind spots in profitability and productivity, and growth was just amplifying the consequences of these blind spots. Today, those blind spots are gone. Every day, we have a precise view of things we couldn’t see into, like the margins on product lines and what quality issues are costing us.

Christian Grenier



Since we acquired Fidelio, we tripled our revenue and opened two new branches.

Stéphane Harvey

Director of Finance and IT

Isolofoam Group

The quality and speed of Fidelio’s project management impressed me. This process change alone saves us five to eight hours a week, not to mention that we greatly reduced the potential for errors through manual data entry.

What Is Your Company's Priority At The Moment?

End-to-end features to run the core of your business.

Make The Right Decisions

Get a 360° view of your business in the blink of an eye thanks to Fidelio Cloud ERP's integrated decision tools. No more blind spots! Fidelio Cloud ERP lets you create custom reports and analyze company data through dashboards and KPIs tailored to user roles.

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Boost Your Sales

Increase your sales and optimize your processes with cutting-edge tools you can use at work, at home or on the road. Use an online store connected to your ERP software and a mobile-friendly CRM for improved customer management.

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Control Your Supply Chain

Utilize our fully-integrated solution—it supports you from start to finish. Fidelio Cloud ERP manages logistic functions to improve inventory management across multiple locations. The system predicts demand during peak periods and evaluates supplier performance.

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Optimize Your Production

Meet customer demand more efficiently. Fidelio Cloud ERP manages production and calculates the cost. The software helps you plan and schedule production, considering human and material resources availability and customer demand.

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Improve Your Traceability

Fidelio Cloud ERP assists businesses in monitoring raw materials to finished products instantly. It ensures maintaining strict traceability standards during the production process. This helps in tracking the flow of materials and products accurately. The system records and makes all necessary information easily accessible.

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Simplify Employee Management

No more spreadsheets! Manage your employee files with the proper tools. Simplify follow-ups on employee records such as payroll, expense accounts, time banks, schedules, annual evaluations and more.

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Streamline Your Financial Management

Automate your tasks with no added value and access the latest information. Fidelio handles financial accounting in real time, including the general ledger, budget, accounts receivable and payable, report creation, and financial analysis.

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