Fidelio ERP Inventory Management Module

With Fidelio Cloud ERP software, maximize efficiency in stock management and track your inventory's status instantly.

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Optimize Your Inventory Management and Decision-Making

With Fidelio Cloud ERP, optimize your inventory tracking seamlessly. Monitor stock levels across various locations, manage batches seamlessly, generate accurate forecasts, and access real-time detailed reports for informed decision-making.

  • Optimize Inventory Control

    Get real-time visibility into stock levels for informed decision-making, optimization of inventory, and improved supply chain efficiency. Avoid stockouts, respond to changes in demand, and increase customer satisfaction, ultimately driving revenue for your business.

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    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Streamline order processing, accurate inventory tracking, and automated workflows. This efficiency reduces errors in order fulfillment, speeds up delivery times, and enhances overall productivity.

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    Save Costs

    Minimize excess stock and prevent obsolete inventory. Improve cash flow, reduce storage costs, and enable better financial planning by aligning inventory levels with demand.

  • “We carry about 50,000 products, distributed in six locations. [...] Now, with centralized inventory, we can process orders faster and
    update customers on delivery time. Customers love this!”

    - Chantal Bergeron, Director of Operations, Maçonnex -

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Fidelio Delivery Interface

Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations

Keep a close eye on stock movement and guarantee availability across your business locations. Enhance inventory control to minimize costs and maintain optimal stock levels economically. With Fidelio Cloud ERP, streamline your inventory and stock management for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Monitor Inventory in Real Time, Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the power of real-time inventory updates. Your reps can easily check stock availability, even when they're on the go or working from different places. Stay agile and informed with Fidelio, empowering your team to make timely decisions and meet customer demands with confidence.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Just-in-Time Delivery

Embarking on lean manufacturing? Fidelio is your ideal companion, ensuring optimal stock levels and enabling just-in-time delivery. Streamline your operations and meet customer demands precisely when needed with Fidelio Cloud ERP's tailored solutions for SMBs. Elevate your efficiency and delight customers with seamless, on-time deliveries, every time.

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Top-Picked Features by Our Clients

  • Economical quantities (Min-Max)

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    Electronic catalog

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    Location and transfers

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    Stock analysis

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    Traceability (batch, serial numbers)

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Audrey Laurin

VP of Finance and Adminstration

La Petite Bretonne

Everything is easier and more intuitive with Fidelio. From data searching to analysis and verification. Preparing orders, managing our inventory and even managing our invoice buybacks.

Chantal Bergeron

Director of Operations


We carry about 50,000 products, distributed in six locations. [...] Now, with centralized inventory, we can process orders faster and update customers on delivery time. Customers love this!

François Lord


PR Distribution | AD Member

With Fidelio, we doubled our revenue without hiring new customer service staff.

Stéphane Harvey

Director of Finance and IT

Isolofoam Group

We first onboarded one customer, which worked really well due to the great work of your team. So we decided to integrate all our customers.

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