Fidelio Cloud ERP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Transitioning from prospect to customer: leverage Fidelio's centralized features to exceed your sales objectives.

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Retain your Customers and Acquire New Business

Manage all information on your sales campaigns. Follow up on prospects, pipelines, activities, opportunities, calendars, and sales forecasts.

Fidelio Sales by Customer Interface
Back Orders Interface
Transaction history interface

Enhance Customer Engagement with a Unified CRM Solution

Our CRM platform helps marketing, sales, and customer service teams access customer and prospect data easily. This allows for improved follow-up and engagement.

Streamline Planning, Execution, and Analyzing of Your Prospecting Campaigns

With all data centralized in our CRM, precisely target the most relevant offers to each individual at optimal times.

Accurately Foresee Sales Opportunities

Leverage CRM data to establish achievable goals aligned with your pipeline insights.

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Top-Picked Features by Our Clients

  • Activities

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    Mass Mailing

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    Opportunities and bids

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    Prospecting campaigns

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    Reminder calendar

See How Our Customers Use Fidelio to Grow

Take a tour of our testimonials. They all showcase the real-world success stories and experiences of businesses that have transformed their operations with our powerful and user-friendly solutions.

François Lord


PR Distribution | AD Member

With Fidelio, we doubled our revenue without hiring new customer service staff.

Chantal Bergeron

Director of Operations


Order-taking really accelerated. [...] Today, our customers place orders directly into the system, which sends them automatically to our operations team.

Hugues Dumont


Baron Tools Montreal

Every business function has its own dashboard of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Anybody walking into their department can see their key indicators immediately. The indicators are easy to customize. We do it ourselves, which is great.

Stéphane Harvey

Director of Finance and IT

Isolofoam Group

We first onboarded one customer, which worked really well due to the great work of your team. So we decided to integrate all our customers.

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