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Unlock real-time financial control and improve financial reporting with Fidelio. Manage every aspect easily, from general ledger to reporting and analyzing.

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Simplify the Accounting and Financial Management of Your SMB and Take Control

  • Streamline Operations

    In real time, Fidelio manages every aspect of your financials: general ledger, budget, accounts receivables and payables, reporting, and financial assessment.

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    Improve Decision-Making and Financial Reporting

    Real-time, accurate insights from a single source. Replace Excel spreadsheets.

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    Enhance Compliance and Security

    Ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards while providing robust security features to protect sensitive financial data (Microsoft Azure)

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    Scalability and Growth

    Seamless scaling as your SMB expands, accommodating increased transactions and complexities without system overhauls.

    “We’re analyzing sales and financials. Dynamic views are already speeding up our decision-making. Every day we get better at using it.”

    - Kaven Davignon, Managing Director, Miels d’Anicet -

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Simplify period closures and end-of-fiscal-year closures

Speed up your period closures and end-of-fiscal-year procedures with our methodical solutions. Streamline the process, maintain compliance, and get results faster.

Inter-company management: automate transactions between your branches, divisions and subsidiaries

Fidelio Cloud ERP is your single source of truth for seamless collaboration between branches, divisions, and subsidiaries. Automate transactions and processes easily for a more productive and integrated business environment.

Reduce data entry errors, get better control of your credit and your receivables

All your information is centralized in a single database within the Fidelio Cloud ERP system. As a result, your data only needs to be entered once to be accessible to everyone.

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Top-Picked Features by Our Clients

  • Accounts Payables

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    Accounts Receivables

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    Budget Cost and Expenses

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    Capital Assets

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    Cash Flow Management

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    General Ledger

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    Profit Center

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    Financial Reporting

See How Our Customers Use Fidelio to Grow

Take a tour of our success stories. They all showcase the real-world success stories and experiences of businesses that have transformed their operations with our powerful and user-friendly solutions.

Christian Grenier



Since we acquired Fidelio, we tripled our revenue and opened two new branches.

Stéphane Harvey

Director of Finance and IT

Isolofoam Group

The quality and speed of Fidelio’s project management impressed me. This process change alone saves us five to eight hours a week, not to mention that we greatly reduced the potential for errors through manual data entry.

Kaven Davignon

Managing Director

Miels d’Anicet

We’re analyzing sales and financials. Dynamic views are already speeding up our decision-making. Every day we get better at using it.

Gabriel Jacques


Jacmar Automation

We got a return on investment in less than a year due largely to our supplier discount management. Thanks to Fidelio, we were able to double our claims as compared to last year when everything was done manually.

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