Fidelio Analytics and Reporting Tools

Transform data into actionable insights: make informed decisions with Fidelio Cloud ERP advanced reporting and data analytics tools.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Comprehensive Insights

Gain a 360-degree view of your SMB instantly with Fidelio ERP, empowering you to optimize your business decisions. Eliminate blind spots and make informed choices faster than ever before.

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  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Enjoy getting instant access to valuable data insights and detailed reports, made easy by our powerful data analytics tools. This empowers decision-makers to make informed, data-driven decisions swiftly.

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    Improve Operations With an Integrated Solution

    Identify inefficiencies, optimize processes, and allocate resources more effectively.

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    Boost business growth and strengthen your competitive edge

    Stay competitive in the market. Identify growth opportunities, anticipate market trends, mitigate risks, and respond quickly to changes in customer preferences.

    “Today, all that data is onscreen, in real-time. Instead of spending time gathering data, they refer to the analysis view and focus on the core of their work.”

    - Isabelle Gauthier, Business Analyst, Coractive Inc. -

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Enhance visibility and data-driven decision-making

Get a 360 view of your SMB in the blink of an eye and optimize your business decision-making. No more blind spots!

Monitor performance

Analyze your profits in real time, track key performance indicators, and find ways to improve for ongoing growth and success.

Reduce dependency on IT

Customize your analytics without a programmer, enabling faster decision-making, more agility, and tailored insights. This helps reduce the workload for your small business IT team. It allows them to focus on more challenging issues and maintain smooth operations.

Customize reporting and views

Users can take advantage of customized views that are pre-configured for each user role.

See How Our Customers Use Fidelio to Grow

Get inspired by the success stories of organizations that have partnered with Fidelio, and learn how our solutions have contributed to their evolution.

Audrey Laurin

VP of Finance and Adminstration

La Petite Bretonne

Everything is easier and more intuitive with Fidelio. From data searching to analysis and verification. Preparing orders, managing our inventory and even managing our invoice buybacks.

Marie-France Grenier

Operations Director


With Fidelio, 55% of our sales are now completed on the Internet and we expect a regular increase in this number over the coming years.

Ewelina Jaroszek

Director of Commercial Operations

Italfoods Inc.

Very quickly, I realized how easy the user interface was. Sharing just with the key people on the team - demos and how the application feels and looks - we thought, oh my God, it’s so easy, so intuitive. We loved using it! We wanted it right now

Hugues Dumont


Baron Tools

We knew from the demos that Fidelio developers had a thorough understanding of the day-to-day processes and information needs of distribution companies. That was a big plus.

Isabelle Gauthier

Business Analyst

Coractive Inc.

Easy navigation through data is my favorite feature of Fidelio. From the top down or up from the bottom, everything is a few clicks away.

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